Inflammation And Your Diet

Herbal Medicine for Inflammation Relief

Online – minimum 10, maximum 20 (PJ – min/max is for your info to have for the forms)
June 26th 9:30-12pm
Fee: 55 USD

Inflammation is a massive problem in society. Whether from injury, allergy, or presenting disease, inflammation can cause premature aging, tissue damage and secondary disease states.

In this workshop, Amanda offers insight into:

  1. how to recognize when inflammation is the primary cause,
  2. discuss inflammatory diseases and herbs that have been shown to be most effective for mitigation,
  3. formulating with liquid herbals to address acute and chronic inflammation,
  4. dive into appropriate times and usage of liquid extracts/tinctures, powders, teas and herbal honeys.
This workshop is appropriate for herbalists and students of all experiential levels, and graduating natural therapy students who are looking to work more deeply with herbs.
Inflammation And Your Diet

Foods That Heal ~ Anti-inflammatory Cooking

(minimum 10, maximum 20)
In-person at Phinney Neighborhood Center
July 10th, 24th 2021 9:30-12:30 including lunch
Fee: 125 USD

Amanda’s 20 years in the healthcare industry has brought to light the importance of eating foods that are functional; healing rather than harming. What’s commonly found is that many folks have underlying inflammation that can be addressed by minimizing certain ingredients, nominally gluten and processed sugar. We can give loved ones a list of foods to avoid and foods to eat, however this can be overwhelming. As one of CMHS’s mottos is “getting the medicine to the people in ways that they’ll enjoy taking, so that healing can occur,” let’s empower them with a list of recipes they’ll love and can easily cook – and eat – themselves!

This class teaches the necessary basics of going gluten, dairy and refined sugar free as well as:

  1. 5 simple recipes to cook and share with clients and/or loved ones,
  2. Break down natural sweeteners, which are healthy, and which are not,
  3. What are the most common inflammatory ingredients,
  4. How to bake gluten free vegan,
  5. How to menu plan.
The workshop will include a simple lunch cooked by Amanda using 2 of the recipes provided.

This workshop is appropriate for anyone! People living with inflammation who enjoy food. Graduates of a culinary program. Practitioners who want to offer their patients more guidance as to how to get started on an anti-inflammatory diet. Don’t miss this workshop that is both informative and tasty!