100% Custom Tincture Blends

High Potency Organic, Wild Harvested Formulas 

Found only at Functional Health & Apothecary! Developed through 20 years of experience in research, patient clinic, and industry formulating.


The highest quality organic or wildcrafted and ethically sourced botanical medicines


Meticulously sourced to ensure highest quality blends

Wide Range

Multiple formulations supporting a range of health goals

Personalized Blends

Special custom blends available by request

I love the Blue! It has a rich taste that is easy to swallow and it works! My spirit and energy levels are up while my mind is clear and present to make positive decisions for my health and wellbeing.



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Stress Tinctures

Women's Health

Manage the effects of stress. Support adrenal function and encourage healthy stress adaptation.

Sleep tinctures herbs and teas


Encourage healthy sleep patterns, relaxed physical and mental state and support symptoms of pain or hormone dysregulation.

Pain and inflammation tinctures and herbal supplements

Pain & Inflammation

Chronic conditions such as autoimmune diseases, arthritis, IBD, sinusitis and eczema are due to inflammation. Our tinctures encourage a healthy response to inflammation. 

Liver detox herbal powder and tea and supplements

...and Many More

Detox, Weightloss, Immune Support, Brain Health and more.

Give yourself the boost your body needs

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