Liver Love – botanical, fruit & greens superfood powder 4oz


A highly nutritive organic daily antioxidant boost to encourage healthy cellular and digestive function and detoxification. Tastes like a green juice with a hint of blueberry. No need to add spinach, celery or any other greens, we’ve got you covered. There are zero sweeteners or fillers in this product so you are getting the highest nutrient value for maximum health impact. If you’re looking for effective liver support, this is it.*

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Add 1 teaspoon to your daily fruit smoothie or 2 oz of water for your daily green power shot. Can be added to baked goods – muffins, breakfast bars, or protein balls for the ultimate health snack.

Organic Milk thistle seed powder, organic Dandelion root powder, organic freeze-dried Blueberry powder, organic Moringa leaf powder, organic Chlorella (cracked cell walls), organic Spinach leaf, organic Celery seed powder


A robust blend of intensely nutritive organic herbal medicines and foods chosen for their antioxidant and dense phytonutrient content. Daily cellular fortification against free radical damage to encourage a healthy response to inflammation, support healthy liver function, detoxification, skin, digestion, and vitality.*

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