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4 Highly Nutritive Superfoods – Organic Blueberry, My Cacao Rose, Myco Immune and Liver Love


When you find the highest quality ingredients then what you get is the best quality in color, in smell, in taste & efficacy


Heavy-hitting anti-inflammatory properties

Highly Nutritive

Promote optimal health for everyone in the family

Easy to Use

Use in everything from smoothies to baked goods and more!

Amanda’s organic freeze-dried blueberry powder is berry sweet with a slight tang that lingers pleasantly on the tongue. I have been sprinkling it on EVERYTHING!



Reno, NV

blueberry powder

Organic Blueberry

The ultimate antioxidant superfood powder. Balances inflammation and promotes digestive and brain health.

my cacao rose latte

My Cacao Rose

Rich, creamy, hints of rose with deep notes of chocolate. This blend contains Shatavari, a warming Ayurvedic adaptogen tonic to support adrenal health.

myco immune

Myco Immune

Organic Red Reishi is our chief ingredient. For long term, daily, immuno protective support

my cacao rose

Liver Love

Encourages healthy cellular and digestive function and detoxification. Tastes like a green juice with a hint of blueberry.

Treat you mind, body and tastebuds

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