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Inflammation is the core underlying cause of every modern disease. It’s ignited by multiple factors; diet, sensitivity, environment, digestion, toxins and infection to name a few. Inflammation has a cascade effect on the body,  inflammation causes systemic congestion, which in turn causes additional inflammation with stress being a huge contributing and exacerbating factor. FH&A has formulated and chosen a range of tinctures, powders and practitioner-grade supplements to encourage a healthy response to inflammation. In particular chronic conditions such as autoimmune diseases, arthritis, IBD, sinusitis, injury and recovery, and eczema may be supported using western herbal medicine and dietary modifications.* Science has shown that adopting an anti-inflammatory diet free of gluten can help alleviate inflammatory symptoms, you can read more about this here. You can find our wide range of gluten-free recipes on our FOOD page. For personalized functional therapeutic approach to your condition, see Wellness Clinic to make an appointment with a practitioner.

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Herba Medica

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