Guilt-Free Desserts

Guilt-Free Desserts

Incredibly easy and seriously delicious gluten-free desserts sweetened naturally to help keep inflammation down and avoid dietary spikes in blood sugar. Eating low glycemic desserts supports healthy weight management and balanced energy levels.

Digestive Health

Poor digestive health can present with symptoms such as bloating, constipation, cramping, IBS, nausea, gas, sluggish metabolism, weight gain and fatigue. While there are multiple factors contributing to poor digestion, diet, food sensitivity and stress are primary...

Wellness Clinic

Natural Therapies family practice clinic addressing imbalance and inflammation as the root cause of disease

Stress & Mood

Stress is now the number one cause of physical and emotional distress and the most common presenting symptom in our clinic. Stress has pervaded our lives and we have become accustomed to feeling it’s presence. Stress causes inflammation, premature ageing, hormone...


A natural therapies virtual wellness clinic specializing in inflammation. Naturopathic medicine, herbal medicine, culinary medicine, and nutrition. Apothecary store offering medicinal fungi, superfood powders, dietary supplements, and antiinflammatory Erecipe books.

Functional Health & Apothecary

Functional Health & ApothecaryA virtual natural health clinic and apothecary offering a complementary, functional & integrative approach to inflammation through natural remedies, diet, and nutrition. We work with...

You had me at caffeine

You had me at caffeine

The coffee bean has deep global roots going back centuries. Some stories claim a goatherd in Ethiopia discovered coffee after his goats got excited after eating the beans. Some claim Arabic discovery through along the silk road. The lineage of tea goes back even...