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Amanda Lovett-Jones, BSc.(Complementary Medicine)

“If you buy local and source what’s in season, you get the freshest ingredients. Eat a tomato off the vine in Summer – It doesn’t even compare to what you eat in winter!”

Amanda is an Australian trained Naturopath, Registered Herbalist, and nutrition consultant so her background is in healthcare. Amanda cut her teeth as a cook early on in life, her upbringing in a sea side town, working in her father’s butcher shops, meant that she was exposed to the freshest ingredients and was taught how to cook by her mum. Since then Amanda has worked in countless restaurants, both in front and back of service, and, has catered and taught classes in her role at Sensitive Functional Foods. For more information about herbal medicine and natural health cooking classes see offerings at

20 years in the healthcare industry brought to light the importance of the foods you eat. Many of her patients have underlying inflammation that can be addressed by minimizing certain ingredients, nominally gluten, and processed sugar. For many people who are looking to adopt healthier eating habits beyond decreasing fast food consumption and adding salads to their
repertoire, Amanda developed recipes that reflect the comfort foods you’re use to such as pesto, pad thai, muffins, cakes and many more, without the ingredients that cause premature aging, bloating and inflammation.

All recipes in these ebooks are free of gluten, dairy, and processed sugar to address underlying inflammation and deliver optimal nutrients to the body. The idea is to eat at least 1 meal a week that is free of inflammatory ingredients, to maximize health outcomes and enjoy more energy and vitality long term. Give yourself the gift of stepping towards better health this year.

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