Whether you’ve gained weight, struggling with fatigue, or just feel like your health isn’t where it should be, you may need a reboot. The majority of patients we see in our clinic fall into this category. You may present with several seemingly isolated symptoms, but they are actually linked. A reboot for some people may start with a detox cleanse, where you spend a week or two tweaking dietary habits, eliminating highly inflammatory foods. We will design a protocol specifically tailored to your unique needs and lifestyle using plant medicines, powders, teas and/or supplements, and provide detailed guidance around culinary medicine – leaning into how foods can heal.

A reboot for others may be a genuine look at your daily habits, and bring some focus into foods and practices that aren’t serving you, and bring in new ideas about foods and lifestyle activities that can boost your vitality and bring energy and joy back into focus.

Set reachable goals. One thing that is consistent with all of our patients, is goal setting. When you start working with us for a Health Reboot – we set 3 health goals. Three parts of your life you want to see improvement for example 1) weight loss 2) improved energy 3) clearer skin.
By setting health goals, you can see your progress over time, and celebrate when we can tick them off.

Another thing to expect is the unique way we approach diet. You’ll be given alot of information about how to understand food in a way you’ve never experienced. Many Dieticians and Nutritionists will provide a hand out sheet consisting of foods you should eat, which can be uninspiring and leave you even more confused. We offer meal ideas, provide education on how to take an anti-inflammatory approach to the foods you and your family love. You’ll start appreciating words like ‘microbiome’ and ‘fresh, seasonal and local.’

Choosing a Health Reboot shouldn’t be scary, it can feel like you’ve swapped out the old and tired you, and invested in an energized, cleaner and streamlined version. And you’ll leave us with the tools to do this on your own, so you can course correct and get back on track when triggers come up again like the Holidays, or taking vacations.

You are important, so putting your health first should be a priority.

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