Is your digestion not how you’d like it to be? Gassy? Bloated? Inconsistent bowel movements? Are you becoming intolerant to certain foods? These symptoms can be a sign that your gastrointestinal tract is inflamed and needing some additional TLC. There are numerous research papers, texts, and health professionals who discuss the importance of having a balanced microbiome or, healthy gut flora. When working with me, we deep dive into gut bacteria (too visual?), leaning into pro and prebiotics in foods and supplements to rebalance your gut flora, and, promote a nourished and thriving gut microbiota (environment).

Here are some suggested podcasts you might enjoy to get more information about microbiome and it’s role in health – MicroBiome Matters – Stress, Anxiety and the Gut Microbiota by Dr Rabia Topan

The Perfect Stool – Sugar, Inflammation and the Gut

There are many schools of thought regarding how poor digestion happens, but primary triggers are stress, diet, blood sugar management and infection. Triggers are often established in your initial consult where we go over your entire medical history.

For a gut reset, our primary objective is to reduce inflammation, and to do this we may utilize one or a combination of botanicals, probiotics, demulcents and phytonutrients. And, and will likely follow either detoxification, or, partial elimination protocol. We do this gently at your pace, we work with you and your families lifestyle to optimize success. 

Now don’t go into this thinking “great, she’ll have me eating air and fungus”! Quite the opposite actually, I take a Functional Culinary medicine approach to foods. Where you might be exiling dairy for the time being, I will teach you how to fall in love with all the glorious alternatives to scratch that itch. You will learn about SEASONAL, FRESH, LOCAL, and the impact that has on microbiome. You’ll learn about the negative impact on plastics and hormones in our food chains, and which foods you should always buy organic.

A great Podcast about how these nasty food invaders impact health I suggest this podcast Genes, GMO’s and Glyphosate by Professor Micheal Antoniou


For more advanced gastrointestinal conditions such as SIBO, GERD, IBD, Crohn’s and Celiac disease. I take a  personalized approach, and believe there is no ONE protocol that fits all. Herbal medicine and plant essences can help address the emotional and psychological nature of how these diseases came to be. Inflammation is at the root of these conditions and making disciplined dietary modifications along with using a comprehensive structured protocol is the key to manage and, to aid recovery from chronic digestive conditions.

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