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There is significant evidence that shows that gluten and processed sugar can attribute to inflammatory processes. For people with skin conditions, auto-immune disease, IBS, allergies, and gut sensitivities, dairy can be pro-inflammatory and aggravate symptoms. For healthy thriving people, these foods might not create any issues. For people who are struggling with inflammation, consuming these foods often keeps you in a state of inflammation, making it extremely difficult to resolve.  Beyond exclusion of these 3 primary foods, diets rich in omega 3 fatty acids, plant based, phytonutrient – polyphenol  and antioxidant rich diets have all shown to improve inflammatory markers and support health outcomes. Our extensive range of Erecipe books are all free of gluten, dairy, and refined sugar, and rich in omega’s, phytonutrients, and balance of quality proteins to address underlying inflammation and deliver optimal nutrients to the body.
For a healthy person, the idea is to eat at least 3 meals a week that is free of inflammatory ingredients, to maximize health outcomes and enjoy more energy and vitality long term. For someone looking to have a more condensed impact on inflammation, adopting a predominately plant-based anti-inflammatory diet more regularly is the way to go. For personlized programs our highly trained staff offer in depth culinary medicine protocols to address underlying inflammation and help you reach your health goals. See our wellness clinic  for more details. For daily dietary inspiration follow us on Instagram to see the latest recipes and anti-inflammatory lifestyle tips. 

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“Choose colorful, seasonal & local ingredients that will inspire simple, amazing meals.”

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