Seasonal sniffles, tummy bugs, allergies, minor pains, and respiratory infections are all part of living a normal life. They can be disruptive, and uncomfortable and leave you depleted and exhausted. This is where natural therapies shine!

Herbal medicine offers advantages in treating a wide range of symptoms related to everyday colds, respiratory infections, skin conditions, and stomach upset. Plant medicine encourages the body to rebalance itself so it can fight the infection, rather than suppress symptoms. Depending on the condition, we will likely prescribe either short-term plant medicines in the form of tincture, tea, powder, or capsules. And may also prescribe nutritional supplements when necessary. You will also receive temporary dietary modifications when applicable.

If there are school-age kids in your home, chances are they are bringing home a range of bugs. Our family practice clinic treats all common childhood illnesses with care offering all-natural treatment plans that are easy to take and will nourish small bodies as they grow.

For all of your family wellness concerns, contact us to see how we can support you for acute symptoms, or help boost vitality all year long.

We provide free delivery or local pick up for all Lake Forest Park residents, which means when you’re sick, you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your home.

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