Our personalized Functional Health Programs address 5 key factors: Diet, Nutrition, Detoxification, Hormone Balance, and Exercise. Here is what our patients have to say about their experience. Email us to coordinate your free 20-minute introductory call  HERE Or if you’re ready to start your path to better health, book your initial consult HERE


” I began working with Amanda from Functional Health and Apothecary in November 2021. After years of prolonged stress, my body was no longer working for me. Daily I experienced extreme fatigue, mental fog, decreased motivation/energy, poor sleep quality and weight gain. Additionally due to the pandemic I was having skin problems that I had never experienced before from all of the things associated with prolonged mask wearing.

Amanda went through an in-depth onboarding exam/clinical review and immediately identified areas that needed to be corrected. Yeast toxicity had prevented my body from absorbing vital nutrients. She made her clinical plan for me simple so as to not overload me with too many things at one time. We identified that I had a sensitivity to cow’s milk and that was attributing to my increased inflammation, weight gain, sleep disorder, mood and overall decline. Additionally, my adrenal glands had quit functioning and that has been the key to getting my overall mental status back into a place that feels normal. We continued to follow up at regular intervals with clinics monthly to make changes to my protocol as we were able to focus first on primary goals and then on bonus goals.

When I first started working with Amanda, I couldn’t remember a time that I felt like myself-energetic, focused, alert, and sleeping without interruption. Even though I have a medical background, I have been working to correct my issues for years and have failed-because everything says eat less, exercise more….and in my case that was harming me! Amanda’s expertise and ability to focus on my individual needs to get me on track have far surpassed my expectations. I am truly grateful for all that she has helped me accomplish. I am now sleeping 6-7 hours/night, my skin is continuing to clear, my focus and energy have been restored, and my diet habits have improved. Overall, I feel better and look better and couldn’t be more pleased? – Corrie H –


“Amanda was very thorough in our initial consultation, more-so than any doctor or endocrinologist I have seen in the past.  She asked detailed questions and worked with me to set goals.  She came up with a great nutrition plan that worked for my lifestyle and my goals.  We had check-ins on a bi-weekly basis for the first month, and then monthly to ensure I was progressing towards my goals. She also provided herbal supplements, grocery lists, and recipes to get me started.  I found that Amanda really listened to me and found a plan that was realistic and doable. She “Kate-ified” my plan, just for me and my needs.I would highly recommend Amanda for any nutritional or inflammation needs.” – Kate F –


Where do I begin? 2020…I feel like I had hit rock bottom with my health, gained more than just the Covid 15, had a blood clot scare, thyroid issues, bloating on top of the weight gain, and was not liking the person I was looking at in the mirror.  I had my routine annual appt and my primary doctor affirmed what I already knew, I needed to get “healthy”. I’m not big on taking a bunch of medications…and was already on daily requirement of thyroid and blood thinners.

Enter Amanda, my Saving grace. The amount of time, she took to evaluate my health, habits, and goals has done more for me in the past 6 weeks than when I thought I was at my “healthiest”. This journey has been emotional, mentally rewarding, and all-around positive. Not only have I reset habits, eating recommended things that feed and nourish my body, but I’m sleeping better, eager to get up and conquer the day, and ultimately reaching my goals!  I love the person I see in the mirror today, I’m reminded that I can do hard things with the right mindset and support. The tools that Amanda has given me are invaluable, they are a way of life. Amanda’s expertise in the herbs, veggies, and whole foods that your body needs to thrive, is amazing. She has really given me the foundation to continue down this path of health. Thank you Amanda for your compassion, empathy, listening ear, and most importantly your knowledge to make the most impactful difference in people’s lives!  I’m forever grateful.  – TS –