We address inflammation as the root cause of poor health through a structured program using plant medicines, diet, nutrition, detoxification, hormonal balance & patient education.

Why Inflammation?

Inflammation is the underlying cause or complication of many health challenges and diseases such as autoimmune, diabetes, thyroid disease, and obesity. Causative factors of inflammation include stress as a primary, diet and food sensitivities, viral infections, and environmental factors. In addressing inflammation in the body our patients experience weight loss, improved focus, better sleep quality, more energy, and clearer skin. Our natural health clinic targets inflammation as the root cause of poor health. We offer a structured complementary and integrative approach to wellness and holistic health. Our practice combines multidisciplinary techniques linking an allopathic approach, Western herbal medicine, scientific evidence, and culinary nutrition to help patients achieve their health goals. Our Functional Medicine ethos ensures natural therapy and drug synergy and we take all precautions to avoid any interactions.

Personalized Programs

We guide patients to better health solutions through education and collaboration. Once we have a better understanding of where inflammation may be impacting your health, we combine the highest quality plant medicine with anti-inflammatory recipes & meal plans to optimize success long term. We ourselves live by the philosophy that foods can heal as well as harm and aim to educate patients about healing ingredients and how to develop them into a daily program that makes sense for you and your family. Hippocrates, revered as the ‘Father of Medicine’ famously wrote “Let food be they medicine, and let medicine be thy food”.

Why see us

We have decades of experience using a Functional Health model. We see patients of all ages in our virtual wellness clinic. Patients come to us for a range of conditions, and common presenting symptoms are poor sleep, weight gain, fatigue, pain, brain fog, IBS, digestive problems, and lack of energy and vitality.

Patient Testimonials

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Our Apothecary is a virtual SHOP platform offering herbal medicine tinctures, medicinal fungi, superfood powders, custom blended herbal teas, dietary supplements and product bundles for your convenience.  For more on our offerings see APOTHECARY

Quality Medicinals

Quality is critical for optimal results. All of our tincture and tea offerings are organic or wildcrafted and all are locally and sustainably sourced. Our dietary supplements are practitioner-grade formulas and hand-selected for their excellent quality and clinical efficacy. All our recipes are free of Gluten, Dairy, and Processed Sugar (offering Paleo, vegetarian, and vegan options) so as to minimize inflammation and promote gut healing and delivered in an eBook format. See FOOD for these offerings.


Meet the Founder Amanda Lovett-Jones

Qualifications –
Ph.D. Candidate – Herbology and Phytotherapy. Research thesis: The role of botanicals in anti-inflammatory therapy
Completed in AUSTRALIA

Bachelor of Health (Complementary Medicine)
Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy
Advanced Diploma of Western Herbal Medicine Registered Herbalist (AHG)
Advanced Diploma of Nutrition

Professional Associations:
American Herbalist Guild
Puget Sound Mycology Society
American Herbal Products Association

Amanda has over 20 years experience in complementary medicine as a research copywriter, formulator, educator and clinician. Amanda is passionate about how diet impacts a patients health and marries traditional empirical medicine with evidence based approaches to wellness. Her long career has traversed multiple disciplines within the health care industry from her early roots in retail and clinic to 15 years as a formulator, educator and copywriter in the corporate world.

Amanda is a skilled educator and teacher, she has lectured throughout the West Coast of the US on Western Herbal Medicine and nutrient protocols for practitioners, and found her interests lie in looking at the underlying inflammatory cause of disease. She has written numerous articles on health and chronic disease and can’t dispute the science that shows there is a direct correlation between what you eat and how you feel.

This led her to start looking at diet and food in a totally different way. In 2018 Amanda founded Sensitive Functional Foods, a blog and social media platform designed to deliver anti-inflammatory recipes that mimic the every day foods her patients enjoy. She offers these as Erecipe books and will continue to offer a broad range of disease specific recipes for your health and inspiration.

Amanda has traveled the globe pursuing her passion for herbal medicine to better understand it’s origins and cultural influences. As a corporate compliance specialist (FDA & TGA), Amanda is highly critical of inappropriate claims and subpar ingredients. FH&A only uses the highest quality, sustainably sourced herbal medicines and organic medicinal mushrooms and vegetable powders. She runs under the premise that complementary medicine should never be filled with sugar or additives, to be effective, they just need to the highest quality and as nature intended.

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